two friends, one vision

The saying: "Clothes make the man" fits very well, and Sali Latif and Nasanin Bahmani want to help people be the best version of themselves. You yourself have made major changes over the years and know how important it is to realize yourself. The beginning is through styling.


The two friends, both working mothers, want to help women and men find themselves while wearing clothes that suit their own personalities. They do not advise on trends and they do not chase celebrities, they help people to find their own style and to express their advantages with it.

Nasanin Bahmani

The idea of styling actually began 36 years ago when our Co-Founder Nasanin Bahmani accompanied her uncles to a clothing fair in Cologne when she was 4 years old.


Nasanin Bahmani grew up in Cologne and her family had a production for children's clothing in Iran, so that she helped them translate at trade fairs and appointments from an early age. She can still clearly remember the atmosphere at these fairs and her love for fashion and styling began.


Her professional journey took Nasanin Bahmani first to university degrees in completely different fields before she decided to just follow her heart and her passion and professionally only deal with what she loves - fashion, beauty and cosmetics.

Sali Latif

Sali Latif began to deal with cosmetics and beauty more than twenty years ago. Sali Latif completed her training as a beautician in Mannheim and started working as a freelance beautician.


More than twenty years later, Sali Latif has five children and mostly devoted herself to her family for the last few years before she decided to return to her job.


Now she combines cosmetics and fashion with beauty and has turned her passion into a job.