The H-type embodies what is commonly known as a model body. Say: women with this silhouette stand out through a small breast and narrow hips and shoulders. Arms and legs often look very long and narrow. H types also have little waist.


The result is a body that looks sporty to androgynous and is the counterpart of the X-Type due to its missing curves.


Since H types generally have only a few curves, it is important to use pieces that conjure up more volume or more shape. These include, for example, shirts with an empire line and narrow-cut high-waisted pants.


Tops with vertical patterns are also made for you because they visually simulate more bust size. Flowing cuts and fabrics, such as dresses with a waterfall neckline, are also ideal because they create more curves.


  • emphasize the legs and the neckline
  • straight and slim cut pants and skirts
  • deep v-necklines
  • tops with dark waist area
  • jackets with closure in the waist area


  • rigid and rigid fabrics
  • short and tight tops
  • high-necked tops
  • wide skirts and pants