The O-type is characterized by a chubby upper body with large breasts, round belly and little waist. At the same time, the arms and lower legs appear comparatively narrow. This type is also known as an orange figure.


When styling, the O-type should primarily try to take the focus away from its strong center. Draw attention to this for example with V-shirts on your wonderful cleavage or with skirts in A-line on your legs. Blouses with slightly raised darts and empire line are also made for you.


For tops and dresses, narrow to slightly flared cuts are ideal for you. Also great: cardigans and jackets that reach to the waist and thus stretch your torso optically.


  • emphasis on the legs
  • empire style or high waist
  • wide-falling tunic
  • subtle patterns
  • tops in darker tones
  • contrast in bright colors
  • wrap dresses
  • waist-length blazers and jackets


  • tops with narrow straps
  • querstreifen
  • eye-catching prints and colors
  • figure-hugging tops and dresses
  • tight tops
  • emphasizing the waist