The X-type is also known as an hourglass silhouette. The reason: This type is characterized by a very narrow waist, which in combination with shoulders and hips of approximately the same width results in the shape of an hourglass. A lavish cleavage is also often found in women of this type.


Women who match the X type should emphasize their extremely slim body with high-waisted skirts or high-cut Marlene pants and sophisticated wrap dresses. In general, flowing fabrics and tailored pieces are highly recommended for you.


This also includes narrow-cut blazers and jackets. If possible, the focus of your look should always be on your waist, which you can also emphasize with striking belts.


  • v-neck tops with wrap shapes
  • figure-hugging clothing
  • from subtly monochrome to striking waistband and patterned
  • long chains or long light scarves
  • pencil skirt and a-line skirts
  • straight and flared pants
  • the waist may be emphasized

Not to do:

  • shiny and rigid material
  • large ruffles or frills
  • oversize
  • very wide waist belt