Business Attire, often also called Business Formal, is above all: formal and representative. The dress code leaves little room for maneuver, when interpreted classically. Depending on the industry and company, it can be designed individually, so that the business dress code is more diverse than it appears at first glance!


Since the classic business formal style is so strictly defined, it is often assumed that there is little to no place for styling individuality in this dress code. In fact, this dress code originated from the idea of leaving out the outside in favor of the content. This should make it easier, especially in a professional environment, to work together on strategies and solutions without being distracted by personal (style) differences.


No matter how you go about it: The business dress code has established itself and is not only common in certain industries and hierarchical levels, but is even required.


In a business context, the higher your position in the company and the more important the occasion, the darker the color of your clothes. The classic colors in addition to black in the Business Attire are therefore dark blue, anthracite and gray. This is usually combined with a blouse in a contrasting light tone such as white, light blue or light pink.


  • wear pumps
  • wear high quality clothes
  • use classic cuts


  • no excessive makeup
  • no bright colors
  • no flashy patterns and prints
  • do not wear to high pumps



With a blazer you convince with seriousness and style and give your outfit, depending on the cut and length, your individual touch.



Pumps are classic and essential for a business outfit. Choose the color of your shoes like the color of your bag.



A handbag in the right size is an important part of your business outfit to have files and your laptop handy for meetings.


Always ensure good quality and the correct division of the inner compartments, so that your business bag is chic and practical.