Smart Casual

The Smart Casual dress code poses many puzzles: Smart, but still casual requires a stylish balancing act. When are you too overdressed, when too casual? In general, the host would like to have upscale everyday clothing. Especially at events that are attended directly after the working day, this means subtly relaxed business fashion. In principle, this includes everything you wear to a meeting, but with which you would also go for a business meeting afterwards.


With Smart Casual, women can choose between office-compatible trousers such as business trousers. Skirts of the recommended length are of course also allowed. If you combine this with a subtle patterned blouse and a casual blazer, you are definitely on the safe side. T-shirts, sweaters or cardigans can also fit - but here you should place value on very good quality and high quality optics. Dresses are an “evergreen”, but they should be reserved and under no circumstances should they appear too revealing.

To Do

  • cloth pants, skirts, blouses, blazers
  • T-shirts, sweaters and cardigans made of high quality materials
  • light clothes in muted colors
  • pumps or flat but elegant shoes 


Not to do

  • destroyed jeans
  • print T-Shirts
  • sandals
  • shoppers or backpacks




You can style a great smart casual outfit with midi skirt. A midi skirt made of flowing material, creates a slim silhouette, but be careful, the skirt visually shortens the legs and is for smaller women only suitable with high heels.



Casual and oversized, with a blazer you can easily transform a casual look into a smart casual look.


The blazer can be chosen in intensive colors or with a pattern



A smart casual outfit is often worn at work, but also at events directly after work. Therefore, a tote bag fits very well with the outfit, since it is chic and practical. You can stow a small laptop or ipad in it and look great.